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Words and Music by Kirsten Ireland

day to day
work and play
wish it would stay

it starts like a lullaby
but the dream quickly ends
everything starts to swim by
and you know youíre going again

the peace that you try to hold to
quickly begins to turn
youíre losing the earth that hold you
your mind is starting to churn

everything you do just feed it
while the nights and days just spin
youíre fighting a dangerous temperament
and afraid you cannot win

the colors are all too bright
and words are just too loud
your days have become your nights
and you canít turn it around

crying while singing
the motion of being
in transit while sitting
the clock wonít stop ticking
dreaming while walking
and rhythmically talking
of the something of nothing
and the nothing of something
buzzingly tired
but constantly wired
for hell in a headache
and panic that wonít break
you know of the crash
that happens so fast
the plummet straight down
to where light isnít found
you just want to stop
but youíre not quite on top
of the world inside
your mind.

day to day
work and play
wish it would stay

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